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auto finance position solution

We Use Technology to Transform the Industry.

Operating Risk is the core of Auto Finance. Conflict, change, inadaptation will bring challenges to the system and services when new Risk Control Model enters.

Once the demand arises, we will build the model with customers and provide more satisfying products and services.

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Passenger Car Finance Solutions

As one of the most important branches in Auto Finance, the core business of its financial entities (banks, Auto Finance Companies, Financial Leasing Companies) is to do risk management. We apply mature product service system to help clients to control, avoid, transfer and dispose of risks.

Key Technology

Risk Control Model

Risk Control Model uses more than 12 risk data dimensions as the basis for evaluation, which has been verified repeatedly to be scientific and reliable in risk judgment.


As the 3rd generation risk management system, RMS is the Risk Management platform specially designed for Auto Finance industries to help clients to do risk management of vehicles.

Post Loan Preservation

Through RMS, we integrate online and offline resources and provide services in post-loan safety management like one-stop telephone collection, car hunter, and disposal for clients.

Commercial Vehicle Financial Solutions

When the Risk Control perspective turns to commercial vehicle finance, systemic risk prevention, credit review of lessee and vehicle management are becoming the core of Risk Control. On the one hand, we provide capital matchmaking for commercial vehicle financial leasing companies to save capital cost. On the other hand, RMS and hardware terminals enable to give auditing before loan and overall vehicle management solutions.

Key Technology

Terminal Control

Route Tracking, Cutoff Petrol/Electricity, Speed Control, Real-time Tracking by Vehicle GPS Terminal.


As the 3rd risk management system, RMS is the Risk Management platform specially designed for Auto Finance industries to help clients to do risk management of vehicles.

Qualification Auditing

Considering the fact that Commercial vehicle financial companies are always sensitive towards the qualifications of their lessees, we make full use of the platform advantages, combine excellent third-party resources and provide qualification auditing for lessees.

Inventory Financing Risk Control Solutions

By using OBD devices and RMS platform, we can help fund providers to check vehicle inventory, warehouse supervision and in-out stock management. When distributors are behindhand with payment and bad debts occur, fund providers will be enabled to know the vehicle position timely and acquire preferred vehicle disposition.

Key Technology

OBD Terminal

OBD devices with built-in battery can be installed easily and recycled to save cost.


Geo-fence is set according to warehouses; both in and out of the fence will trigger alarm, which strengthen vehicle inventory management.

Ecological Construction

We build the group among banks, Auto Finance Companies and Financial Leasing Companies to help fund providers to mortgage, sell off assets and lease.

Vehicle Credit Risk Control Solutions

Based on Risk Control hardware terminal and RMS risk management software, we help clients who have vehicle credit operation to do stable screening and anti-fraud selection. Meanwhile, operation cost and risk cost are saved through the whole service process by software services.

Key Technology

Secondary Mortgage Selection

RMS platform owns the biggest P2P vehicle credit date base in China, which enables to provide secondary vehicle mortgage selections.

Field Services

service is covering all provinces in China, and we provide prompt installation, maintenance, after-sales and post-credit conservation services.

Risk Point Forewarning

We bring high-risk areas (used car markets, vehicle management authorities and car repair shops) into our risk data base. Once cars enter, clients will get alarms.

Case Studies

WanWay Tech helps HAITONG UNITRUST to implement business growth by using big data.