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Corporate Products


Multiple Functions, Multiple Protection

1. Global General GSM Quad Band Supported

2. Real-time Tracking

3. Remotely Cut-off Petrol/Electricity

4. Over-speed Alarm, Vibration Alarm, Cut-wire Alarm

5. Optional Accessories: Relay, SOS Button, Microphone

6. Three Working Mode: SMS Command, Platform, APP

7. OEM Supported

8. Applicable for Car, Motorcycle, Truck.


Free Installation, Long Standby Time

1. 6000mAh Long Battery Life

2. Tamper Alarm with Light Sensor Protection

3. Built-in MiC with Clear Voice

4. Low Power Consumption

5. Applicable for Vehicle and Other Assets


Plug and Play, All Vehicles Supported

1. Smart Plug and Play

2. Dual Mode GPS/GSM Positioning

3. Over-speed Alarm, Power-off Alarm

4. Built-in Battery

5. Small Size and Light Weight


Fashion Design, Quality Life

1. Heating without Burning, No Open Fire, No Soot
2. Little Tar, no other harmful substance
3. Easy to Use

WANWAY AI Cloud, More Intelligent Position Data Management Center

Based on intelligent position service terminals, WANWAY TECH has collected mass real-time sensing data to WANWAY AI cloud big data platform and built position cloud platforms among different industries and fields,

which make clients enable to manage, analyze and visualize all big data on the platform and expedite more derivative data values.

The 3rd Generation Risk Management Platform-RMS, Accumulation, Replacement, Breakthrough, Innovation

——Endow Risk Control With New Possibility