WanWay Tech Attend International Industrial Exhibition in China, 2018

//WanWay Tech Attend International Industrial Exhibition in China, 2018

WanWay Tech Attend International Industrial Exhibition in China, 2018

On September 19th, the 20th China International Industrial Exhibition was officially convened at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai). The exhibition would be last until September 23th. Welcome to the booth of WanWay tech: 7.2H hall A001.

As one of the exhibition enterprise representatives of “BaoShan China Industrial Internet Innovation and Practice Zone” in 8 towns and 2 parks of BaoShan district, WanWay tech attended the China international industrial expo with the invitation of BaoShan commercial and economic committee in 2018.

As a cooperative partner of Didi, Jingdong and Alibaba, member of China association of automobile circulation, member of China mobile Internet of things alliance, member of automobile financial service standard committee, WanWay tech has always been committed to research and develop innovative services and products in the field of automobile financial risk control.

At the exhibition, WanWay tech focused on exhibited the intelligent vehicle risk management system — RMS and GPS positioning terminal equipment. Through communicating and exploring with thousands of professional visitors, WanWay tech shared new ideas of industry development, and has attracted much attention and became a beautiful scenery line of the exhibition.

As the core system of the automotive financial risk control field of WanWay tech, RMS system is in an absolutely leading position in the industry. The RMS system takes vehicle attributes, intelligence, whole process and data service as four cores, and provides post-loan safety management solutions such as asset risk warning, collection, car finding, trailer and disposal for auto finance companies.

RMS system has its inherent advantages and inherent confidence, for instance:

In terms of risk control:

  1. Carry out intelligent risk assessment according to the self-established risk control model.
  2. Conduct big data analysis of equipment lost contact, and intelligently identify effective lost contacted vehicle.

In the basic aspect:

  1. 100 million level platform, automatic capacity expansion, extremely high availability.
  2. Multi-tenant isolation ensures data security.
  3. Use multiple positioning methods to effectively filter positioning errors and drift.

WanWay tech takes customer oriented and pays attention to the innovation of new products’ research and development. Also, it dynamically adapt to the needs of customers, which won the favor of relevant customers and industries. WanWay successively won the “best car financial technology risk control enterprise”, “auto financing risk control leader award”, ” ten brand of China auto financial equipment”, ” most popular credit risk control platform of auto financing”, “the most influential auto financing credit risk control service brand”. Therefore, WanWay tech has become the leader of the financial risk control service brand.

In the future, WanWay tech will continue commited to product innovation, service innovation and operation mode innovation, etc. Also, WanWay will eternally stick to the user’s excellent experience. On the basis of continuous integration and self-disclosure, WanWay spare no efforts to enhance science and technology ability and establish whole scene control of vehicles with cooperators under auto finance era.

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