Online Taxi-hailing Service Case

WanWay Tech helps Didi Chuxing manage private cars through GPS


Customer profile

Didi Chuxing is the world’s leading mobile travel platform. It provides 550 million users with comprehensive travel and transportation services, such as taxi, express, private car, luxury car, hitching a ride, bus, minibus, driving on behalf of others, enterprise-level, bicycle sharing, takeout and so on. Didi Chuxing has changed the traditional way of taxi, and established the modern travel mode of users led by the era of big mobile Internet. With mobile Internet, Didi integrate online and offline to draw a perfect closed loop of O2O where passengers and drivers are closely connected. It optimizes passengers’ experience, saves the cost of communication between drivers and passengers, reduces the empty driving rate, and saves the resources and time of both passengers and drivers to the greatest extent.
Didi has always been committed to building an open, efficient and sustainable mobile travel ecology. It settles global transportation, environmental protection and employment challenges through intelligent transportation innovation. In addition, Didi has established alliances with more and more automobile enterprises to jointly build a platform for automobile operation service.

Business challenges

Online ride-hailing is a new way to travel, and Didi Chuxing has become the first choice for people. However, due to the explosive growth of car owners and users, it is difficult for the existing management mode to cope with such a large number of users. Therefore, difficult vehicle management, uneven regional vehicle distribution, travel safety of passengers and other problems have emerged one by one.

Difficult to manage vehicles

A big problem for online ride-hailing industry is how to know the exact location of vehicles in real time and how to dispatch and manage vehicles nearby. Problems such as low utilization rate of vehicle, long waiting time for users, detour of drivers, etc., will lead to increased time and cost for users and easy loss of users.

Uneven distribution of vehicles in the region

When the rush hour of the commuting period, the number of vehicles in the region is unreasonable. Less dispatchable vehicles, long vehicle scheduling cycle, long waiting time for users, low utilization rate of vehicles will indirectly increase the cost of the company.

Travel safety of passengers

 If the driver violates the rules and regulations on the road, such as speeding, violation, and so on, there is no way to verify, and it threatens the safety of users and affects user experience.


Intelligent management of vehicle scheduling

Based on the business requirements of Didi Chuxing, WanWay Tech has developed an intelligent RMS system of vehicle management platform, which helps Didi to schedule and manage vehicles according to their location and status.

Regional demand planning

By analyzing the big data of vehicle driving through the RMS system, WanWay Tech calculates the vehicle demand in different regions and allocate appropriate vehicles accordingly, which will minimize the flight attendant rate, improve the utilization rate of vehicles, and help Didi Chuxing reduce costs.

Monitor vehicle movement in real time

Didi Chuxing can monitor the vehicles in the journey in real time through the RMS platform. If the vehicles violate the rules, the alarm will be automatically triggered. Then the platform can generate a summary of the alarm information within the specified period, and Didi can judge the driving condition of the vehicles based on the alarming information of the platform.

Customer returns

Through the use of GPS positioning equipment and RMS system provided by WanWay Tech, Didi Chuxing can optimize its existing business, manage and schedule vehicles efficiently and make clear the demand of vehicles at different time in the region. In addition, it can show real-time monitoring of vehicle movement and statistics of driving track and mileage data. Didi Chuxing has standardized its own vehicle management mechanism through GPS devices and RMS system, which brings better travel experience to users.