Anti-robbery guarantee services case

How to improve the recovery rate of theft and robbery and sales profit through security services


Business Introduction

Theft and robbery guarantee service is launched in cooperation with PICC and WanWay tech. It is a property insurance product with lower rate, claim responsibility and commercial theft and robbery insurance, and the lower premium cost and flexible price can significantly reduce the probability of theft and robbery by installing vehicle-mounted positioning terminals. At the same time, it can bring more sales profits to automobile financial channel providers.


The merits of the theft and robbery security service which launched by WanWay tech is that it not only reduces the cost of insurance premiums and improves the profit of sales profit, but also responsible for vehicle theft and robbery protection and covers the range of claims for commercial theft and robbery.

The Vehicle Usage Condition Can be Obtained Through GPS Location Service Terminal

The premise for the security service of theft and robbery of WanWay is that the vehicle installs GPS location service terminal to avoid the risk of theft and robbery by means of GPS real-time positioning. The vehicle can be recovered in time through positioning if it is stolen during the normal working period of GPS terminal. What’s more, WanWay can compensate 100% of the actual value of the vehicle if the vehicle cannot be recovered.

The Nation’s Regional Service Network helps Geely Quickly Implement its Business

WanWay tech divides the country into four major regions and respectively set up urban managers and service consultants to connect with customers in different regions. They help customers solve the offline installation of GPS hardware in offline stores, and provide 2-3 hours, 3-6 hours and more accurate installation services according to different regions.

Online Electronic Policy Systems make business processes easier

The online electronic insurance policy business system of WanWay tech can realize online insurance, settlement, renewal, monitoring, which can better conduct business.

Product superiority

Flexible Pricing Channels to Obtain Higher Sales Profits

Take a new car priced at 100,000 CNY as an example:

If you buy 3 years of commercial car theft and rescue insurance, you need to pay (without discount): [100000 (naked price of the car) *0.44% (insurance rate) +120 (basic premium)]*3=1680 CNY
The possible insurance profit of financial institutions/4S shops is: 1680*20%~30%=420 CNY
If buy 3 years pilfer rob safeguard service, need to pay (without discount): the pilfer rob safeguard service price that is settled by financial company, the price can keep consistent with price of former commercial pilfer rescue risk or slightly low.
The insurance profit that financial institutions /4S stores may obtain is: 1680 (commercial theft and rescue price) – [150 (3-year premium) +GPS hardware cost + 3-year service fee] > 1000 CNY
Through comparison, it can be found that through utilizing theft and robbery liability insurance can provide financial institutions with greater profit without increasing the cost of terminal owners and financial companies.

Optimize the After-sales Service Mode of 4S Stores to Increase the Stickiness of Car Owners

By installing GPS location terminal, it can provide customers with plentiful driving behavior data of vehicle, such as driving mileage, parking area, driving speed, while providing robbery risk protection. Additionally, it can help 4S stores establish after-sales service auxiliary decision-making system, such as owner maintenance reminder and road rescue etc.

Bigger Theft and Rob Safeguard Coverage

WanWay can compensate 100% of the actual value of the vehicle which differ from commercial pilfer rescue insurance. What’s more, when vehicle was robbing , compensation will be made according to the repair amount of the vehicle.

Customer Returns

Compared with the traditional commercial theft and rescue insurance, the theft and rescue guarantee service of WanWay tech can bring more sales profits to customers, and the diversified location data which provided by GPS location terminals can help 4S stores optimize after-sales service mode. Therefore change passivity into initiative, and increase stickiness of owners.