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How to Use GPS to Reduce the Incidence of Steal and Rob Electric Cars — A Brief Introduction to the Instance of Yunnan Public Security Department


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As a convenient means of transportation, electric vehicle enjoys the merits of low price, easy to use and environmental protection. It is deeply favored by individuals, nevertheless, anti-theft measures of electric vehicle are still weak. It is easy to appear theft and robbery accidents while lack effective management. Statistics show that the accidents of steal and rob electric vehicles in China is close to 1/6 of the total sales volume each year. For instance, Yunnan province is a big province of electric vehicles, and electric vehicles provide convenience for the local people. However, people’s property are threatened due to the existence of theft and robbery.

Business Challenges

As a relatively effective GPS anti-theft measure, the price of electric cars with GPS positioning function which avoid further installation are more than 4500 yuan. However, the most sold electric cars in the market are still those vehicles within the price range of 2000 to 3500 yuan, which makes it difficult to effectively realize GPS anti-theft.

Serious Electric Vehicle Robbery Accident

It is easy to appear theft and robbery accidents while lack anti-theft measures and effective management of electric vehicle. Statistics show that the accidents of steal and rob electric vehicles in China is close to 1/6 of the total sales volume each year.

Lost Electric Cars are Hard to Find Back

Electric vehicle theft and robbery cases can be operated in an extremely short time and the perpetrator can also escape and sell stolen electric motor car quickly, so the difficulty and cost of the police to solve the case and recover stolen motor car are very tough. It is in a extremely difficult situation.

There is no compensation mechanism for vehicles that cannot found back

There lacks compensation mechanism for the stolen vehicle which causes economic losses for the owners.


Multi-dimensional Risk Control with GPS Hardware and Software Platform and Insurance

The electric security construction of the project takes the construction mode of government-led, police organization, department coordination, social participation, policy permission and support by the local government. Wanway tech is in charge of the project investment construction and operation management and invests funds to install anti-theft devices for the electric car owners and presented the vehicle some safeguard. Moreover, Wanway will give rewards to owners with GPS devices, such as various electric vehicle maintenance services vouchers, traffic fee, etc. It can to some extent improves the owner’s enthusiasm. What’s more, Wanway also integrate insurance industry financial leverage resources to provide car owners with theft prevention and robbery protection services to insure electric vehicles’ safety.

Participation Role of the Program

Public security department: Traffic management department should stipulates that all electric vehicles and other non-motor vehicles should handle the license. Only the vehicle with license is allowed on the road;

Wanway technology: Provide technical support for positioning equipment, location service platform and system operation, and maintain the normal operation of the system at any time;

Car owners: Car owners only need to provide purchase invoices and relevant documents to go to the designated place installing the card, and pay a certain fee as a license fee and equipment installation fee to enjoy commercial insurance;

Insurance company: Introduced the mode of commercial insurance and let the car owner use a small amount of money to insure under the supervision of the traffic police department of the public security bureau.

Personnel&Technical Support

On-site service support: provide 24-hour on-site equipment installation and after-sales maintenance services

Background service support: provide 24-hour assistance in finding cars and solve after-sales problems online at any time

Technical service support: Provide data docking, technical consultation, and assist in vehicle management with big data

Customer Returns

  1. Supports Urban Security and Stability

    Public security organs can utilize Wanway’s big data technology to master the activity rules of key personnel and groups, predict the development trend, and realize intelligent early warning of abnormal behaviors and trends. Wanway Serves the big data analysis of urban security and stability maintenance.

  2. Improve the Level of Urban Management

    As for electric vehicle management, in addition to supply anti-theft management, it can manage the illegal electric vehicle traffic and support the establishment of electric vehicle traffic operation system under reasonable control. Non-motor vehicle traffic management can be applied to vehicle tracking and positioning, current management of motor vehicles, congestion charging, traffic accident investigation, etc. Additionally, it can also replenish the coverage of video monitoring and provide non-motor vehicle traffic management ability.

  3. The Promotion of Improving the Satisfaction of the Masses

    Effectively suppressing electric vehicle theft crimes help to ensure the safety of people’s property. It is conducive to establish a reasonable control system of electric vehicles, which not only avoids the economic and convenience loss of electric vehicle owners, but also protects the legitimate rights and interests of other traffic participants, and is conducive to the overall harmony of the society. We will raise the public’s awareness of preventing theft and robbery and help them recover losses in time.
  4. Relevant Data

    Number of installed vehicles (electric and motorcycle): 126,741
    The total amount of the two vehicles in the area covered: 18.81%
    “Two cars” alarm: 193
    Insurance claims: 38
    (Data as of June 1, 2018)