WanWay Tech Utilizes OBD Device to Help Zotye Carry Out Inventory Vehicle Management


Customer Profile

Zotye Automobile Co., Ltd is a vehicle manufacturing enterprise with the core business of vehicle research and development, manufacturing and sales. It owns three major automobile brands of Zotye, Jiangnan and Junma, and has set up vehicle production bases in Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces. The products cover car, SUV, MPV, new energy vehicle and other market segments. The marketing network covers large and medium-sized cities in China as well as the third and fourth tier markets, and the products are exported to Algeria, Chile, Russia and many other countries and regions.

Business Challenges

Inventory financing is a significant part of auto financing, the financing channels can be divided into commercial banks, auto finance company and financial leasing company. It is crucial to realize that how to make credit risk control about the financing vehicles. Additionally, inventory check, loading and unloading management, and library point register and prepare can effectively control dynamic vehicle inventory to avoid the loss.

Unable to Grasp Vehicle Transport Status

The automobile belongs to the valuable asset, it must be guaranteed the transportation security strictly. It is of great importance to establish a set of simple and easy operation vehicle position monitoring system and use the combination of hardware and the soft armor to achieve the real-time monitoring vehicle position and control the vehicle transportation condition.

How to Know the Inventory Status of Vehicles

It is necessary to know the inventory entry, exit and storage status of vehicles at all times when carrying out inventory management. Moreover, it is difficult to achieve the principle of timeliness if only carry out offline inventory. In addition, as most inventory points are in the basement, it is easy to generate the situation that the device cannot monitor the location offline when using GPS monitoring.

Monitor Vehicle Area

It is an important part of business risk control that how to get timely and accurate vehicle outbound information and ensure that the vehicle information is consistent with the actual business.


Real-time Positioning to Provide Accurate Location Information of the Targeted Vehicle

WanWay tech helps Zotye monitor the position of vehicles through OBD device. The reason why it chooses OBD equipment is that it is easy to install, able to recycle and has standby batteries. It can realize rapid installation, reduce the cost through recycle and reuse and ensure that the vehicle can trigger the alarm when the battery run out after long-term parking.

Use the Vehicle as the Basic Monitoring Unit to Record the Driving Distance

In view of the transportation and inventory characteristics of inventory financing vehicles, we will utilize GPS vehicle positioning technology to bind the frame number of each vehicle with the OBD equipment number by combining OBD hardware and location service platform software to monitor the vehicle location data in real time, and manage the vehicle area with electronic fence.

Use Electronic Fencing to Limit Vehicle Inventory Areas

WanWay tech delimited the electronic fence in the vehicle warehouse area of 4S stores through the location service platform. When the vehicle was removed from the warehouse, the electronic fence alarm of the platform will triggered to accurately obtain the information of the vehicle which leaved the warehouse.

Customer Returns

Through utilizing the monitoring scheme of OBD hardware and location service platform software which designed by WanWay tech for inventory financing risk control, Zotye has strengthened the control of new car transportation status and then improved transportation safety. On the other hand, use fence management for warehouse management and vehicle entry and exit monitoring to some extent has strengthened asset control.