Urban City Emergency Response Case

//Urban City Emergency Response Case

Urban City Emergency Response Case

Utilizing GPS Positioning to Rescue Vehicles Timely


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Nowadays, there are lots of cars in Chinese society. While enjoying the convenience brought by automobiles, automobile faults and traffic accidents have become social problems that affect the development of national economy. Therefore, establishing China’s road car rescue system and developing the road rescue industry has become a significant part of China’s social security cause. Auto rescue industry is a high professional industry which need unique technology and excellent equipment, has a certain number of rescue worker, auto repair level certificate, and rich experience in repair, troubleshooting ability, familiar with the road, have certain professional rescue vehicle equipped with line camp equipment and tools, communications equipment, fault diagnosis, etc. It must have strong funds and advanced management mode to achieve such a level.

Business Challenges

The content of road vehicle rescue service including no replacement and no disassembly, can repair the car driving fault within half an hour, replace the spare tire, oil delivery etc. WanWay also provide professional trailer service for vehicles which unable to recover driving ability. Automobile is usually composed of engine, chassis, body, electrical equipment, and its’ parts have more than tens of thousands. There are many reasons for the trouble. Thus, the task of automobile road rescue is not to repair the car, but to restore the ability to drive safely.

Incomplete Vehicle Scheduling Mechanism

Due to the particularity of the industry, rescue vehicles have extremely high requirements on the departure time and arrival time of vehicles. If the nearest vehicle cannot be dispatched when receiving rescue calls, the arranged vehicle cannot arrive at the designated place on time, which will affect user experience and greatly affect the reputation of the company.

Rescue Vehicle Management

There are many rescue vehicles under a rescue team. The rescue vehicles often cannot be uniformly parked in the same area because of the characteristics of the industry. Therefore, the managerial personnel are difficult to unify the management of the vehicles and cannot timely maintenance vehicles.

Difficult Data Management

Due to the uncertainty of the running time and rescue vehicles’ distance, managers cannot grasp the accurate mileage data of each vehicle and the use of equipment on the vehicle, so they cannot judge the real-time information such as the number of rescue vehicles and the status of vehicles.


Intelligent Algorithm, Unified Scheduling

The RMS vehicle management system combined with the GPS equipment independently developed by WanWay tech can transmit the location information of the vehicle to the RMS intelligent platform in real time through GPS equipment. On the platform, the position of each vehicle can be directly viewed, thus making vehicle scheduling more convenient and efficient.

Utilizing RMS System to do Intelligent Management

Managers can intuitively see the real-time position, driving mileage, and driving track of each car in the company through the RMS system, and calculate the status of each car through the big data in the platform. The results are intuitively presented in the form of charts, which making management more efficient and data more accurate.

Record Every Piece of Data in Real Time

The GPS device will record all the data of the vehicle and transmit it to the RMS intelligent vehicle management platform in real time. The data is accurate and will be stored in the database of the platform. The record can be checked at any time.

Customer Returns

Through the application of GPS hardware and location service software platform, managers can accurately grasp the data of each vehicle. Therefore, the dispatch speed of rescue vehicles can be faster and the vehicle management can be more efficient and convenient, which significantly improved the rescue efficiency of the rescue team.