With the Combination of Hardware and Software, Restore the Real Use of Commercial Vehicles


Customer Profile

Shiqiao Financing Lease (China) Co., Ltd, hereinafter referred to as “Shiqiao Lease”, which was founded and approved by the ministry of commerce in 2012. By the end of October 2014, the total assets has reached up to 5 billion yuan. The company is a third party independent financial leasing company, which focuses on heavy card, logistics, industry, medical, agriculture etc and provides direct financing lease, after-sales leaseback, asset management and many other professional financial services for the logistics industry operators, manufacturers, medical institutions and farmers. The company is committed to promoting the full cycle multi-scene value of commercial vehicles and building the largest intelligent service platform for commercial vehicles in China through technology-driven, joint and symbiosis. Shiqiao Lease has established a healthy ecological system which focuses on commercial vehicles and serves for drivers and owners of commercial vehicles, dealers, financial institutions and shippers of logistics companies.

Business Challenges

It is well known that commercial vehicles, as a kind of means of production, have crucial different financing lease modes from passenger vehicles. Only by continuously ensuring the business can repayment security be realized. The key point to prevent post-loan risks is how to use GPS location service system to monitor the transportation route and driving distance of commercial vehicles effectively.

How to Master the Vehicle Transportation Route Effectively

The stage mileage of commercial vehicles is an important indicator to measure whether the business status of vehicles is normal or not, and is also an important basis to judge the repayment ability of vehicle owners. It is difficult to achieve effective monitoring according to the previous means, and the timeliness and accuracy of data sources are low in the past.

Difficulties of Localization Deployment

Shiqiao Financing lease have localized deployment requirements for GPS monitoring data to meet enterprises’ requirement in establishing brand image and convserving car owners, which requires suppliers to provide mature and impeccable API data interface and maintain integrity and security during data transfer process.


Compound Administrative Region Fence to Monitor the Driving Route of Vehicles

According to the business requirements of Shiqiao financing lease, WanWay tech has developed a combined administrative area fence to help Shiqiao monitor the driving routes of transport vehicles which working around administrative regions. The platform will trigger the alarm of the administrative area fence and timely remind the backstage personnel when the vehicles deviate from the predetermined routes.

Use Vehicle as the Basic Monitoring Unit to Record the Driving Distance

Based on the position monitoring characteristics of commercial vehicles, WanWay tech utilized wired cut-off oil and electricity equipment to help Shiqiao Lease grasp the position of vehicles and record the mileage of vehicles in real time. Distinguish from use vehicles as monitoring units in the industry, WanWay tech binds the device to vehicles and conducts position monitoring, playback, parking view and track logging with vehicles as the unit, which is more in line with user’s habits and monitoring logic.

Mature API Interfaces Help Shiqiao Lease Achieve Rapid Local Deployment

WanWay technology location service platform can provide API interfaces including data statistics class, location service class, operation and maintenance service class and installation service class, etc. Based on this, it helps Shiqiao Lease quickly realize local deployment and improve its brand image.

Customer Returns

Shiqiao Financing Lease carries out post-loan risk control cable by using wired GPS devices and wireless GPS devices and utilizing WanWay’s tech local deployment platform system. It has optimized the existing risk control business system from the three aspects: limiting the vehicle driving route, monitoring driving range and ensuring data security. WanWay tech helps Shiqiao Lease expand its business without increasing the risks.