WanWay Technology Helps Haitong Unitrust Achieve Business Growth With Big Data


Customer Profile

Haitong Unitrust International Leasing Co., Ltd was founded in July 2004, which focusing on the main line of financial services for the real economy. The company is adept in grasping the opportunity of deepening the transformation of China’s economy and successfully starting the strategic transformation of itself. It provides customers with customer-oriented and innovative financing services, which achieved good social and economic benefits.

The company’s business areas include industrial equipment, transport logistics, public services, construction, health care etc. Simultaneously, in adhere to the development of the traditional financing lease business, the company combined financial leasing business and capital markets with the characteristics of the capital market. Cooperated with other companies in the group, it successfully provided a comprehensive financial service with “investment bank, direct investment and financing lease”, which embodies the management advantages of collectivization. Meanwhile, the company has achieved rapid development of the business under the premise of safeguard the quality of the assets. By the end of 2017, the registered capital of Haitong Unitrust has reached to 7 billion yuan with over 1,000 employees and over 10,000 customers. With its business covers more than 400 cities and overseas leasing markets, the company has grown into one of the industry-leading financial leasing companies.

Business Challenges

The challenges of Haitong Unitrust are how to manage equipment inventory and risk data when using GPS location service system for risk control with huge volume of business and how to maintain the online rate of equipment while ensuring the efficiency of business operation.

On-line Rate of Device

There have device elements and business elements about the high offline rate of GPS equipment in the industry. The new GPS-based post-loan risk control system must take into account various factors to ensure over 95% online rate of equipment, so as to achieve efficient risk control system and minimize risk exposure.

Equipment Inventory Management

Haitong Unitrust has more than 200 physical stores which covering 28 cities around the country. The introduction of GPS risk control system needs to solve the equipment inventory problem of all stores, such as how to do first-in and first-out equipment, how to manage the equipment flow period, and how to conduct quality control. All of these issues will generate tremendous administration costs.

Difficult Data Management

As the post-loan risk control was introduced into GPS monitoring system, a large amount of risk data would be generated every month, every day, even every hour. Offline data of equipment, alarm data, operation data and installation data are all related to post-loan safety and operation management. The key point of testing GPS post-loan risk control system is how to extract effective data from a large number of original data and use data as a basis for risk assessment.


Professional Installation and Post-inspection

WanWay offline installation service personnel all possess more than one year’s experience in vehicle maintenance or GPS installation. The installation time of vehicle spent no more than 25 minutes. The installation efficiency is improved while the quality is also guaranteed. WanWay ensures 100% installation on-line rate and forms install inspection system. Within two months after the on-line installation, WanWay’s sevice personnel will do regular inspection to ensure the equipment online rate remains above 95%.

Regional zero Inventory Service Mode

    WanWay tech will arrange installation sevice personnel to take the goods for installation after physical stores of haitong Unitrust have established national points and producing equipment installation requirements. According to the platform WanWay tech has been successfully positioning clearing fees of the equipment, which eliminated the steps of purchasing equipment and managing installation. WanWay tech can help Haitong Unitrust reduce losses and inventory management costs, which can improve business efficiency at the same time.

Based on the Mathematical Model of Risk Control, the Data are Analyzed and Processed in the Way of Intelligent Platform Processing

By utilizing the risk analysis model as the basis of intelligent analysis of the platform, WanWay tech takes data of up to 15 dimensions as the basis of risk judgment. Through risk identification, assessment, early warning to offer countermeasure, the platform is automatically handled during the whole process until directly output risk results to users. On the other hand, as for particularly complex vehicle risk situation, WanWay tech’s specialized customer service personnel will be arranged to carry out risk analysis, so as to provide daily risk data statements for Haitong Unitrust.

Customer Returns

Through the application of GPS hardware and location service software platform, the risk control level of Haitong Unitrust has been strengthened. Customer with poor qualifications can also be included in the scope of business, so Haitong Unitrust also expanded the scope of business. At the same time, the zero inventory service model of WanWay tech helps Haitong Unitrust exempt from equipment inventory pressure, which could reduce costs and improve profit margins. The application of the risk control model initiated by WanWay tech can helps Haitong Unitrust eliminate a large number of complicated original data processing and risk judgment work, thereby improves the working efficiency of the post-loan risk control department.